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Wholesome food, unique coffee experience, traditional cakes and amazingly relaxed ambient of Croatian green Veranda.
Our story
The quality of being compelling and mysteriously fascinating at the same time. It is an innovative concept of up class lifestyle. Serene, colorful and exclusive. It is about the holistic ritual of enjoying your time.

Qavanna is a café bistro idea born from the love for Croatian and Adriatic tradition, and the desire to transfer that atmosphere and emotions to Qatar. Unique in design & rich in its appeal to the senses, Qavanna interweaves premium Croatian coffee, delightful traditional Adriatic food & pastries, and appealing interior decoration offering almost spiritual relaxation. Meet friends, take a break from everyday life, inhale and embrace your peaceful haven...

And then came...

In order to make things more exiting, Qavanna introduces Oxygen Bar, first of its kind in Doha and Qatar

High stress and tasks, that has to be tackled every day bring detoxification, relaxation, and clear focus high on the list of priorities. We will try to help.Inhale O2 in the middle of busiest Doha district – green surroundings and enriched air might become your new serene spot.

Taste the...
Qavanna Qavanna Qavanna
....Croatian bistro Experience
Andrei Barbieri

To make the Qavanna bistro experience complete Croatian, Chef Mr. Andrei Barbieri selected the finest and tastiest Croatian recipes that emphasis on a high quality ingredient, and exquisite preparation process while staying true to the tradition of wholesome healthy Adriatic cuisine. Istrian famous sauté surlice, Dalmatian black risotto or slow cooked lamb is a feast for your taste buds.

Iva Pehar

Pastry chef Iva Pehar, or cake magician as she is called, created signature cakes with her secret twist to each. Using grandmas’ recipes handed down from one generation to another; they are really special and a portrait of fine European cuisine. Splitska torta, an age-old cake recipe originating from Split. Rozata, a Croatian caramel custard pudding cake originating from ancient Dubrovnik. Paradizot, one of the healthiest sweets made of the egg, white comes from the town of Makarska – Iva’s home town. To name only a few…

Qavanna Qavanna

Qavanna restaurant
Gate mall, 1st floor
West Bay area, Doha - State of Qatar
tel. +974 4407 7130